We approach every engagement with the same question in mind: What are we trying to achieve here?

Ask our clients and they’ll tell you. When we get to work, we make sure that we understand your business, your market space, and the challenges and opportunities that each presents.

We also make sure we understand your brand. Where it is today, where you envision it and where your audience will let you go.

Stage 1

Stage 1: Research & Discovery

This is the part where we pour ourselves into your business. This stage assures that we start off in the right direction; to make sure that we understand what you’re about, what your organization’s personality is and what aspects of that personality you want communicated to your audience.

Stage 2

Stage 2: Creative Exploration & Design Development

This is where it gets fun for us. We take everything we’ve learned from stage 1 and start to develop the concepts that will eventually become your website mockups. Every little decision, from font selection and size, to colors and shading is made with you and your audience in mind. As we toss around concepts, we keep the good ones and develop those into the design mockups that we will present to you. We’ll then work with you to turn these mockups and content into direction for the next phase where we refine the concepts.

Stage 3

Stage 3: Copyrighting & Content

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the web would be nothing more than a fancy slide show without copy. There’s a reason we don’t see a lot of silent films anymore. During the copy and content stage, we are working on developing the headlines and blurbs that engage visitors, pique their interest and make them want more. Compelling content is the “more” that keeps them hooked. We look at who your audience is and what gets them excited and then turn that into words that dovetail with your brand.

Stage 4

Stage 4: Coding & Markup

At this point we start to build the website on our development servers. Our crack team of code wizards build and customize your site to work at its peak. It’s important to know that we’re a “technology agnostic” shop. We won’t lock you into a specific content management system or development framework because we get big kickbacks as an “authorized partner.” Whether we use Ruby-on-rails, WordPress, Flash, or HTML5, we’ll always choose the technology that is right for the project.

Stage 5

Stage 5: QA & Beta Testing

Your website is your online brand. It better work. Prior to launch, we will populate the site with your approved content, and convert final mockup to HTML. All of the above elements will be rolled into a final site that will be proofed and tested on our staging servers so that when we go live, it’s ready to go.

Stage 6

Stage 6: Support & Optimization

The website is done and live and all the stakeholders are happy. We don’t leave in search of new websites to build. We will stick around to monitor performance, provide updates and upgrades and support your site. If you’re working with us on a social media campaign, we continually monitor your online reputation and brand.

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