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Visible Technologies


Services we provided:  Art Direction, Strategy

A silicon-valley PR firm brought us in to work with their client, a leading social media monitoring service that was looking to present a more sophisticated image that matched both its technology and its audience. It was also looking to keep up with the competition that had dramatically surpassed it in its digital marketing sophistication and was gaining more attention from the market and potential investors.

Like many startups, their company developed faster than their website. Over time, the influence of the site’s several “owners” became evident in the myriad of voices, visual treatments and mixed content found throughout the otherwise well-populated site.

BFD conducted a thorough site audit and brand interrogation and provided Visible with recommendations for a site that would better reflect the company. The new look combined contemporary styling with prominent social media elements and used them to highlight the critical thought leadership content that the previous site had virtually buried.

BFD also devised a new site architecture that defied a clear path for each of three distinct user-types that we identified in our research and reorganized the site’s rich content via easy to navigate service lines, and provided the site with a single, cohesive voice throughout.

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