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TCS International


Services we provided:  Web Design, Copywriting

TCS International provides technology solutions, signage and consulting to developers of garage projects across the world. Their solutions help people find parking spots faster and more easily in high end shopping centers, tourist attractions, business centers and airports and train stations across the world.

What really made the Bluefish team stand out was how quickly they were able to demonstrate a deep knowledge of our business. That understanding helped to shape a lot of the creative and functional choices. They know more about our business than a lot of our customers do.”

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A referral from an IT consultant we’ve worked with in the past, TCS came to BlueFish with one simple request…”make our website sexy.” Now that can mean a lot to a lot of different people, but when we dug a little deeper, we realized it meant, “Put our technology in the spotlight it deserves.” TCS’s website at the time was a second generation site with many static components and very little visual “oomph”.

BFD designed and built a new site that took advantage of the black and red color scheme they had told us was a mandatory element and expanded it with several dynamic drop downs, create new application diagram graphics and used their existing application images as key visuals. In addition, BFD learned that the TCS website was often used by those unfamiliar with the product to do research.

To assist these potential customers, we developed a fully integrated content management system which automatically linked the dozens of case studies and project photos that TCS had to the specific products and services they offered. This allowed those new to the Parking Guidance System space to do some self-guided learning about the products and their applications.

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