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You probably don’t look around the Web for the websites of sober living or rehabilitation facilities, but if you do, you’ll see plenty of sunshine, rainbows and happy warm smiles. The owners of Number 16 don’t believe in that. What they do believe in is providing a safe, structured living environment where men who are serious about getting sober can come and get well.

The Bluefish guys came in and got their heads around what we are trying to do here. We have a pretty unique approach and they and gave us a daring and unique site that reflects that. The feedback we’ve gotten has been fantastic and it’s given us a leg up when it comes to reaching new residents in a competitive market.”

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When we met with the owners, it was obvious to us that this wasn’t about a disease – it was about people. Their website had to reflect that. BFD designed built a site that would appeal to the person in recovery who was seeking the next step in their journey toward sobriety. They didn’t want any false promises, but they also didn’t want to scare potential residents away. So we based it on the most credible people we could find – former residents. BFD developed the site on a social media platform that would allow the Number 16 team and the community at large to continue constant communication. And thanks to stunning black and white photography and and compelling testimonies we were able to focus the site on the warm and beautiful nature of the human spirit as it heals, rather than the dire consequences of addiction.

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