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Impulse Point Network Access Solution Website Redesign

Services we provided:  Art Direction, Website Design & Development

Impulse Point is a leading Internet security and telecommunications firm addressing the challenges of managing network access policies and endpoint security within large infrastructures. Its’ SafeConnect product is widely regarded as the gold standard for Network Access Controllers (NAC) in the dynamic college and k-12 education markets. These are some of the most challenging network environments in the world, with multiple users, running multiple devices each with unique security and privacy policies, Many say this make running an enterprise network look easy.

Impulse was referred to Bluefish by its Boston-based PR firm. New branding and PR initiatives were working, attracting more attention and driving traffic to a site that failed to convey technology leadership. Built early in the decade, the site needed a complete overhaul, both visually and in terms of its overall layout to meet the standards that the Company’s CEO expected.

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As many of Impulse’s competitors have more recognizable brands, Bluefish created a website that was clean, approachable and easy to navigate for those who were looking to learn more about the company and SafeConnect. Realizing that this wasn’t a traditional technology sale and that the Impulse’ ultimate end-users were not necessarily technologist, BFD’s direction was to add color, increase use of white space and make the majority of the images of people rather than technology.

The result is a thoroughly modern site that appeals to enterprise users, technology experts, and non-technologist who may ultimately be involved in the decision making process.