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Grapevinehill eCommerce Website

Services we provided:  Strategy & Planning, Web Design, Email Marketing, eCommerce

A leading eBay footwear retailer needed to shift its business model away from eBay as a primary distribution channel and improve direct online sales.

Were an online business. Digital is our world. Jeremy and Jeff have been with us for 7 years . We’ve come to consider them part of the Grapevinehill team. They truly get what it means to do marketing in the digital world.

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BFD worked with the owners to understand their market and get inside the head of the discount online shoe shopper.

A fully integrated campaign of new branding, direct html email campaigns to convert eBay customers, targeted PR, and a stylized more user-friendly ecommerce site raised the profile of the company and helped convert their sales mix from 81/15 to nearly 60/40 in 3 quarters.

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